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Be a general s favorite wife

Be a general s favorite wife

Be a general s favorite wife

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    Be a general s favorite wife
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    Eating kitten
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    Free Novel
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2023-02-09 00:24:12
As the legitimate son of a general, Liu Ye was born to stand in a place beyond the reach of others he likes the Wang family girl, but the Wang family girl is blind and likes his common brother my brother is a wolf with ambition. He pretends to be the best lover in the world and deceives the silly girl and him on the first day, Wang Wan called Uncle Wen softly. Liu Ye thought: who wants to be your uncle? Later, Liu Ye left Beijing for three years when he is successful, he will return on his horse. It is the news of Wang Wan's death that welcomes him. In order to earn money, the common brother gave the former king's wife to the dignitaries. Wang Wan, who had been obedient for more than 20 years, knocked to death. He was very strong after death, the bones were abandoned in the wilderness because of the suspicion of losing their virginity thinking of the little girl who praised him for his handsome appearance in his memory, Liu Ye gritted her teeth and lived a life again, and never let go. If my brother can't protect her, let him come! Slowly, he found that the silly girl was reborn???

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