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She was forced to fall

She was forced to fall

She was forced to fall

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    She was forced to fall
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    Tea has no aroma of wine
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    Light Novel
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2022-01-16 16:36:45
According to her daily sigh, she was originally an immortal in the nine heaven. She will soon be promoted to a highly respected God and become a God but at this juncture, she was sold by the father hateful - is thrown to the lower boundary of fengshu in every world, her identity is tragic either by cannon fodder or on the way of cannon fodder - fengshu couldn't help wondering if she had done something great in the divine world accidents always occur during each task this dog man, she's not finished with him according to her special wish, when she returns to the divine world, the first thing is to go to Jiuyou to check the information of this dog man. She wants him to taste the bitterness of grasping the heart and scratching the lungs when he looks to succeed but is defeated - a long time later a dog man learned fengshu's idea and carefully covered his vest and dared not speak [quick wear · shuangchu · crematorium] [today is also a really fragrant day]

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