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When a bug in the survival game

When a bug in the survival game

When a bug in the survival game

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    When a bug in the survival game
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    Crazy lack
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2022-08-03 15:13:03
Su Tingyu was selected by the inexplicable survival game and became an ordinary internal test player original painting style of the game: human natural disasters alternating cold and heat dream back to the hunting festival of innocence underground fighting animals with bloody carnival cold mechanical island prison... Su Tingyu's painting style after the game: player: shit! ∑(☉ Д Boss: don't come here! O (﹏) O replica administrator: it's just a broken replica. It's not a big problem... Shit! ( ̄ m  ̄) game invigilator: after identification, this player is poisonous! (▼ へ▼) ... CP: saury × Qin Lin [big fish eat 77, cheat, abduct... Coax?] PS: The hostess is a bug, a copy killer, and a fairy; The male master is disabled in both legs, sick in the brain, and poor in reality; The protagonist group is full of villains, who are professional in doing things, and sand sculpture is more happy; Survival game unlimited flow, 1v1, Shuangjie, he; The style of writing is relaxed, slightly funny and non terrorist ... a small reading guide: * the main plot line is supplemented by the emotional line. The little lovelies who want to see sweet love are patient. They won't determine the relationship in the early stage. They have to flow a long time, and finally they can come to fruition ~ * this is an overhead article. There are many private settings, so don't study it in depth!!! This is just a relaxed text! Dear friends, it's not about reality or history! Just be happy * Don't say where there are loopholes and bugs here. Sorry, there is a "bug" in the title of this book, which is called -- point! (justifiable. JPG)

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