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Quick wear scum man s self rescue Guide

Quick wear scum man s self rescue Guide

Quick wear scum man s self rescue Guide

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    Quick wear scum man s self rescue Guide
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    Three way half version
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    Cool Novel
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Yuan Jin, a member of the time and Space Administration, was fined to experience life in 3000 worlds due to work mistakes. As a result, he accidentally entered the "slag man" channel, so he became the emperor who destroyed the promise of hiding Jiao in the golden house and made a Jiao die in the changmen Hall because her girlfriend changed her mind abroad, she fell in love with her best friend's campus God a heartless husband who abandons his wife for a charming female college student it is a loving Taoist couple who will never see each other again for the disciples of pure Yin constitution the general who came back with his wife's belt and wanted to leave the cold kiln and wait for 13 years collude with weak women to kill the leader of the base occupied by the female owner... knowing that slag man cannot escape the punishment of heaven, he consciously started the journey of slag man's self-help.

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