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After dressing up as the worst girl

After dressing up as the worst girl

After dressing up as the worst girl

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    After dressing up as the worst girl
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    Chen Yanren
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    Apple novel
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2022-01-23 05:17:48
(the full text of red tea is free and private) after a car accident, Su Wan wore a book as a young lady of the general's house, she was born with ice flesh and jade bones and attracted the country and the city, but she was a cannon fodder girl. Because she fell in love with the male Lord, she tried to defeat the female Lord's leading role aura, which eventually led to the decline of the family. She drank poisonous wine on the night of the male and female Lord's wedding in order to go home, she had to complete the task of releasing a small milk sound system and walk the plot conscientiously but who will tell her why the villains in the book always follow her gloomily at first she didn't care. She settled down and wanted to get to the end. She didn't realize that things were wrong until the villain looked at her more and more strangely... one day, the villain finally couldn't help looking at her affectionately: "I want to marry you." Su Wan patted him on the shoulder: "wake up, there's no Civil Affairs Bureau here." going out the next day, There is a shop called "Civil Affairs Bureau" on the street, which is still under her name!!!