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Blood clan boss, she is SA and sweet

Blood clan boss, she is SA and sweet

Blood clan boss, she is SA and sweet

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    Blood clan boss, she is SA and sweet
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    Radish candy
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    Happy Novel
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2022-08-04 09:39:59
The beautiful little blood Princess Su Tang was leading the people to fight, and suddenly crossed into a completely strange world. In order to quickly understand the world, he tied up a servant Lu Yu, the only son of the Lu family, is the president of the sub region of the Lu group. He is cruel and ruthless. He has a dark smile. He recognizes money but does not recognize people. Jianghu people call him "money harvester" when he got home, Lu Yu suddenly changed his face: "Miss Su Tang, what can I do for you?" Lu Yu is the servant Su Tang: "in fact, I used him as a standby food at the beginning. Unexpectedly, this food was very good." Lu Yu: "food is used?" Su Tang was helpless: "the key is that this food has rebelled. I can't eat it, so I can only make do with it." later, Lu Yu began to study medicine Su Tang: "what do you mean? Do you want to dissect me to understand the structure of blood clan?" Lu Yu hehe smiled: "I just want to know whether there is reproductive isolation between blood clan and human beings."

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