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Naruto s Guardian leaf flower

Naruto s Guardian leaf flower

Naruto s Guardian leaf flower

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    Naruto s Guardian leaf flower
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    At rabbit
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2022-08-04 15:46:47
This is a ninja road about the great granddaughter of thousand hand rose born in the Third World War, she saw her relatives and friends die one by one to protect the village carrying the power of the thousand hand family, holding the handle of the knife to protect the peace of the village, stabbing the totem walking in the dark on his arm, and possessing the mask and tattoo that the enemy is afraid to see she wanted to walk in the sun with her father to protect the village but because of an accident, she embarked on the same dark road as her mother "if other countries want to invade my village and hurt the people I value most, I can only erase my feelings and choose to kill to protect the village." "I don't like killing, but if I don't solve the enemy in front of me, he will invade my village and kill the people I value. In order to protect the village and protect those who value it, I can only dye my own hands red. " "my forbearance is to guard those who value it to the death." however, a girl as strong as a rose has one person who is the most vulnerable weakness in her heart "there are too many people I want to protect, but the one I want to protect most is... You!" "I don't want to meet, I can't meet. I hope his memory of me stays in the thousand handed rose. I don't want him to see me as a flower on the other bank." "I am willing, I am willing to marry... To be his wife all my life, take care of him, love him and never give up." next, the story of Qianshou rose is about to begin.

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