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The general s wife coaxed him

The general s wife coaxed him

The general s wife coaxed him

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    The general s wife coaxed him
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2022-08-03 09:38:08
She is the daughter of a sinner under the fence of others, he is a cold-faced general with outstanding military achievements on a dark and windy night, the assassin acted as a matchmaker. The cold faced general moved his heart. From then on, he kept sweet words and was bound to cheat his wife madam doesn't know the taste of love? Then he will lure her into love by general Wei himself does madam want to be free after living in the deep palace for a long time? He invited her to visit the general's house madam wants to wander the Jianghu? It seems that he has to use Jianghu forces what? The lady ran away with another man the ends of the earth, he wants to get his wife back with a long sword, the general went all the way across the mountains to the palace gate of the second prince of Caobao in the neighboring country. What? The lady is not in madam, this move is very good, very good!

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