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Love kills, love kills

Love kills, love kills

Love kills, love kills

Rating: 9 / 10 from 948 ratings
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    Love kills, love kills
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    Here comes the apple wolf
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    Ethical Novel
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2022-03-26 02:33:23
in this wonderful world, there are positive energy, cruelty, intrigue, kindness and endless purity. Sun Lianxin was about to graduate from high school. After preparing for the new year's party for the college entrance examination, she was strongly kissed, leaving an indelible shadow of love, and began her bumpy love journey... In the turbulent process of history, the society and her personal destiny have undergone drastic changes. She has launched a bloody war with the world and her enemies, leaving her scarred all over, Living a hard life... Many years later, sun Lianxin, who devoted her pen to the army, still led her troops to fight in all directions and shed blood on the battlefield. Looking back on the past, her dead enemies left gaping white bones. But there was no waste of time in the battlefield. The Yangtze River flowed eastward, and the waves washed away the heroes. Looking up, I drew a blueprint in front of and behind me.