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Mr. Fu, take it easy

Mr. Fu, take it easy

Mr. Fu, take it easy

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    Mr. Fu, take it easy
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    Double PF
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    365 Books
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2022-01-16 07:22:38
The notorious ugly girl in Ancheng is reborn born again to a small net red body with beauty but nothing to do beauty, affectation and lack of culture are the labels she can't tear off. She was also given to the greasy gold owner by her ex boyfriend... song and he are angry How could a beautiful woman be so miserable? Ugly all her life, she began to make heaven and earth with a beautiful face What scum man? Kill him are cheap women demons? Look at me subduing demons and eliminating demons say she has no culture by her face she is a genius in oil painting, a closed disciple of a master of traditional Chinese painting, a top illustrator, a leader in jewelry and fashion design... She is her... Company elevator song and he, "Fu San has been absent-minded recently. Do you think you should give him some money?" his best friend is worried, "don't have a dog outside?" "can't he? He last night..." the elevator door of the dialogue room opened to welcome the director and the big boss who came to inspect eh, how can a handsome man keep a face with a big boss help!

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