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Star boss, she just wants to make money

Star boss, she just wants to make money

Star boss, she just wants to make money

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    Star boss, she just wants to make money
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    Lord ziyue
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2022-12-02 03:42:18
For some reason, LAN ziyue passed through and came to the star. As soon as he landed, he met the scene of a tree becoming a man surprise is really amazing, but she can't control her emotions. What's the matter? Is it through the sequelae after understanding the situation, she became mysterious. Unexpectedly, she was an elf the person of the elf family was really beautiful, which dazzled LAN ziyue What's more, they grow so well and have natural plant affinity, which makes her think it's a pity not to farm happy to farm, she learned something more terrible. Not counting the holiday, she has to go to college for another five years after school, it's really sweet to go to school. She loves school, loves mecha more, and loves the virtual battlefield mermaids and men of the mermaid family are so good-looking orcs are all violent elements. They harass the planet inhabited by humans from time to time. She likes it very much. You can't find your way back the Zerg full of insects are annoying< The more frightening existence of br> is the mischievous star beast in the stars.

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