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Shaoman Liuxiang

Shaoman Liuxiang

Shaoman Liuxiang

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    Shaoman Liuxiang
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    A thousand words of Twilight
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    Mountain Book
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2023-03-16 17:22:29
Fragrance flows for hundreds of generations, only one person "a man lives in my heart. He is not a perfect lover, but my favorite." after Yuqian's death, Li wanben thought he would have to die in such an endless long life. I didn't expect that there would be such a day when the people who thought and read would appear in front of me so vividly the memories of the past are invading like mountains and seas she can't forget that the corpses in wanku valley are almost torn apart. She can't forget the feeling that her hands are covered with blood and sticky. There is disgusting blood everywhere in the air after a hundred years, everything has changed very differently, and she herself has become such a ghost with silver hair.