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When an apprentice has no love for me

When an apprentice has no love for me

When an apprentice has no love for me

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    When an apprentice has no love for me
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    Reach perfection
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    Garden Novel
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2023-05-26 10:22:30
"They say you are the most powerful God in the world and I want to worship you as a teacher." the boy at the age of middle school held a one meter long sword and pointed it directly at his big sister with dog's tail grass in his mouth "where's the little boy?" a finger pushed away the blade in front of him, spit out dog's tail grass and disdained his face "just say whether you accept it or not" his face turned red, which was not equal to the power of another finger, But the momentum can't be lost "take it away ~ but with conditions..." looking at the face in front of me blushing to cry, I can't tease any more ... "would you like to be my apprentice, and I'll teach you how to become stronger." the big sister looked at the weak, poor and helpless little boy in the corner, with a big maternal hair "well, you want me to become stronger, and I want to defeat all the people who bully my brother." The little boy suddenly had a light in his eyes "this wish..." is a brother control ... "when I am an apprentice, you know everything you want to know." a funny big sister suddenly appeared in front of the little boy who has been watching the sky silently for 30 years "really, I want to know why the sky is blue" this is a problem to kill the mentally retarded "this problem..." child, Your distrustful eyes are very hurtful ... "disciples, see you in the next life. It's agreed! I hope I can help you find your own answer at that time." face thousands of troops and horses alone, with a scepter in your left hand and a prayer in your right hand this is God's battle... the protagonist Bai Xiaobai, an ordinary looking and open-minded housewife, accidentally crossed through one day and got the master's compulsory course reward system. She wanted to recruit an apprentice. Originally, she thought it was just an inspirational article on cultivating immortality, but in the end, it turned out to be a... Zhenmu has love, slow and hot article. Please be careful

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