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Learn God boyfriend super warm pet

Learn God boyfriend super warm pet

Learn God boyfriend super warm pet

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    Learn God boyfriend super warm pet
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    Coffee beans are not bitter
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[1v1 Shuangjie Tianchong] [rebellious girl unwilling to be manipulated by family x unruly boy unwilling to be arranged by fate] Su Yan fell in love with Gu Mingxi's legs at first sight, and then got out of control all the students in class 7 know that only Gu Mingxi can move Su Yan's things, and only Gu Mingxi can coax Su Yan's bad temper. Su Yan's full score answer will only make one more big mistake for Gu Mingxi. As long as Su Yan is there, no one can bully Gu Mingxi segment 1: GU Mingxi solemnly said to Su Yan, "classmate Su Yan, my fiance and I love each other very much." the next day, he took a picture of her fiance and other women to her: "I heard you love each other very much?" segment 2: he lost the bet, Gu Mingxi childishly tied Su Yan's shoelaces and table legs together, which made him ridiculed by the whole class while the whole class was mourning for Gu Mingxi, Su Yan sighed and spoiled: "have you calmed down? Otherwise I'll fall and show you again?" segment 3: GU Mingxi took the first place test paper and pretended to be serious and said, "classmate Su Yan, you will make me feel that I can't win." Su Yan smiled and spoiled it again: "It's not that you are invincible, but that I am willing to bow down." the only person who loves to enter the bone marrow and accompany all his life can be you.