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Xianzun, your soft little love is a demon again!

Xianzun, your soft little love is a demon again!

Xianzun, your soft little love is a demon again!

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    Xianzun, your soft little love is a demon again!
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    Seventeen bells
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2022-07-09 21:34:06
Taking an apprentice is a common thing for the God, but the God in the purple bamboo forest must be different from others don't put those with high qualification, but dig a pear tree back from the Bank of Dongxue lake ------ one day, the afterglow of the sunset was slightly caged the little body squats in the bamboo forest and doesn't know what to toss around alone as the little girl moved more and more, the purple bamboo in the bamboo forest began to sway constantly< Br> thought that what great event had happened to him, but when he came, he saw the little girl shovel a bamboo spade. Br > "what are you digging for?" God said day by day that it is difficult to bring children, and today is no exception "cook bamboo shoots and fried meat for Shifu." the little girl raised her eyes and smiled innocently and brightly god suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart "HMM... there are bamboo shoots, but where's the meat?" the little girl nuzui to the side: "it's ready!" when God turned his eyes and saw the feathers on the ground, he just felt his blood pressure rising this is the spirit bird he has raised for thousands of years "you after being raised, she will be a demon but don't tell me, the spirit bird... Looks, maybe it's really delicious

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