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The full-scale wild roses make a fire in Joe s heart

The full-scale wild roses make a fire in Joe s heart

The full-scale wild roses make a fire in Joe s heart

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    The full-scale wild roses make a fire in Joe s heart
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    Childe, wake up
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    Garden Novel
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2023-03-29 16:59:37
[pseudo pure black lotus female leader @ Jiang Yi × Not a good stubble man @ Qiao ye, Shuangjie] in a car accident, both adoptive parents died. Relatives of the Jiang family thought she was clumsy and introverted and threw her into the original family in Wenxian county my father was introverted and counselled, my grandmother was mean, and my brother was naughty. Gossip aunts in Songhu town came to watch and pity the little girls of the yuan family however... Jiang Yiyue scored more than 700 on the test people: it's OK. After all, the first middle school is not generally bad later... Rejected the olive branch of the professor of Mathematics Department of Jingcheng university people: who sent the gossip? Make a mistake later... Jiang also made a boyfriend, a gangster Qiao ye from Shuinan street Joe is also a beautiful person with a bad heart. Shiliba village is famous and difficult to provoke the aunt of shiliba village sighed that a good Xueba was blind to him they looked at Jiang Yi sympathetically and thought that Jiang would regret it who ever thought that his hair was white, but he didn't wait to break up and wait for the good news of "Jiangshan for employment" - the moon is bright and the stars are rare after drinking wine, the man looked down at the girl's clear eyes and said in a low voice: "Jiang Yi, I'm crazy." she smiled and put out the bright light in her light pupil: "it doesn't matter, I'm crazy." [the full text is fictional. All logic serves the plot. The three views in the book don't represent the author's three views. Don't put the fictional plot into reality.]

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