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Be chased after being abandoned

Be chased after being abandoned

Be chased after being abandoned

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    Be chased after being abandoned
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    Half Qiao
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    Redhouse Novel
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2023-03-19 04:21:44
In the billions of years of Shenshan, there was a news in the global Bulletin: the mysterious well-known pharmacist 117 died of poisoning and suffocation when developing the X Jing 30 medicine that has not yet achieved fruitful results in the pharmaceutical industry. Her communicator left precious development notes... 117 passed through the ultra ancient times. The soul was attached to the queen of a country, but it was abolished that day later, the emperor wanted to kill the emperor's concubine because 117 attacked her he pretended to be dead and left the palace. 117 remained anonymous and continued to deal with drugs one day, an injured man fell from the sky and fell in front of 117. She wanted to save the man, but she almost died in his hand although life is saved, the origin is born since then, if someone asks 117 who he is most afraid of, 117 will think of the man's snow-white face and malicious and frightening eyes - obviously he was always by her side, but he couldn't remember what his face looked like when she saw him, she would bow her head, as if it had become her instinct to save her life when she was drunk, she went to see what he looked like when I woke up, I got a wedding letter - the man wearing mink gloves hung the rice cake rope on her finger when the door is closed, the state of the living dead is relieved he finally saw her secret but everything goes well... until an urgent news of 800 Li called all the generals to the capital to listen to the emperor's edict: -- mobilize all troops to search for the woman in the painting / she stood there like a hot spring it's his greed ≥ I'm incompetent. The plot is slow and sweet.

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