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Dream into a concubine

Dream into a concubine

Dream into a concubine

Rating: 9 / 10 from 2099 ratings
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    Dream into a concubine
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    You are not possessed
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    Day Books
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"Childe Chuan, you've gone too far. Even if you dare to write me in the dream of becoming a concubine, you can also write me as a big fool." "don't you know I'm the online Red editor of moonlight publishing house? I delete, I delete. " Zhou Wei said "who's wrong to cross? After crossing into the Southern Tang Dynasty and Xiao Zhou Dynasty, isn't it waiting to be knocked by Zhao Guangyi's wall? Sobbing! " "Your Majesty, Miss Zhou is harming your concubines again," said eunuch Yu Huacheng. "ah... My poor concubine," said Li Yu, emperor of the Southern Tang Dynasty.