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Sometimes the wind is like brocade

Sometimes the wind is like brocade

Sometimes the wind is like brocade

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    Sometimes the wind is like brocade
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    Author rl48z3
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    Health Books
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Years are so long, year after year, there are many trivial things; Time is easy to pass, every minute. In the flood of memory, the past is forgotten in the blink of an eye. Once a trivial thing, now when you taste it carefully, you feel so fresh, interesting and precious. I am afraid that one day I will forget the throbbing, confusion, regret and heartbreak of my youth. No matter what kind of feeling, it seems so pure and natural Lin Jin feels that the pain of youth comes to her, but she doesn't say to go. To me, it seems to come very slowly. When I find it, it is so old and fresh the current trend feels that youth is flying, that is, I miss myself who acted recklessly at the beginning, and I am glad that I am now. I always believe that all fate has its own arrangements. If I go around, I will be perfect this is a story about the growth of youth. There will be many stories that resonate with everyone; This is also a simple story of chasing and waiting. All the twists and turns are waves in the years. I would like to dedicate this article to all the children who have cried, laughed and hurt in their youth, and also to the Taoist friends who still insist on a little faith. I believe that everything is the best arrangement and everything will be perfect in the end.

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