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I m going to the room to uncover the tiles

I m going to the room to uncover the tiles

I m going to the room to uncover the tiles

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    I m going to the room to uncover the tiles
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    The morning wind blows
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    365 Books
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2023-04-30 15:15:43
"Oh, it's too difficult for me," I sighed holding my cheek. "Are you all right? Don't you have a fever!" Zheng Junhao looked at me with a smile on his face. "Go, don't disturb me." I drove Zheng Junhao with my hand. "Today is the first day of school. You look sad." god horse. Today is the first day of school. I turned on my mobile phone and determined this fact. I passed through. Today is April 4, 2020. As a matter of fact, I should have graduated from the second volume of grade 6. Now I inexplicably cross to the first volume of grade 6. It's really fantastic. I looked up at Zheng Junhao and danced happily. I really wondered. Because I didn't do well in the exam this winter vacation, I could take this opportunity to compensate for my mistakes. "How could there be such a perfect thing in the world? It's really great!" I excitedly held Zheng Junhao's hand and my eyes were full of tears of joy. Zheng Junhao was so frightened that he quickly threw away my hand and murmured "it seems that you are really sick and scared me to death..." I didn't care about him. If I followed the past, I would slap him directly, Not now, because God gave me such a good opportunity. How could I miss it? I ran out excitedly. I'm happy, I'm excited. Can't wait to announce to the world that I, Shen Xiaoya, have passed one by one!

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