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Crazy wife attack: you are safe

Crazy wife attack: you are safe

Crazy wife attack: you are safe

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    Crazy wife attack: you are safe
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    Wangzi Octopus
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    Famized book
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2022-12-23 22:11:57
As we all know, Jun sanshao is disabled and short-lived. There is not much time. People looked forward to him, but they never looked forward to his death, just because there was an all-round female bodyguard around him Jun sanshao is perverse, cruel and self respecting the bodyguard lady is sassy and domineering. She is the only one in Jiangzhou who can tame the three young kings "Miss Feng, you come to judge. Mr. San Shao demolished our Centennial ancestral hall. If he doesn't give us a satisfactory explanation, he can't take a step from here!" Feng ran glanced coldly at the people, "I'm here to support him, not to judge." later, the people understood a truth. Catch the thief first and catch the king first. When fengran's waistcoat was stripped off, she was the female god of war with the highest honor in Yan country so far, everyone in Jiangzhou knows that Jun sanshao is the heart meat of the God of war fengran, and can't afford to offend him Feng ran: How did this absurd rumor spread? Why don't I know Jun Shiyue: we love each other is what everyone wants. Just follow me fengran: am I unable to lift the knife, or are you more and more floating?