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On from genius to power

On from genius to power

On from genius to power

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    On from genius to power
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    Floating Brigade
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    Free Novel!
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[no CP] his legs are disabled, his brother is missing, and he is holding waste firewood with the integration of boundaries, thousands of ethnic groups are rampant and the Terran family is declining at this time, Ning Yao lowered her head again and looked at the magic weapon that had been successfully refined for the first time pick up the skill and you'll understand it at a glance when others work hard to understand one avenue, Ning Yao's body contains ten thousand avenues enlightenment Avenue isn't that as easy as eating and drinking water Ning Yao smiles: you may not believe it. I'm really just an ordinary little genius wanzu said she was a disaster and the biggest liar of wanzu Ning Yao shook her head and sneered: how could it be until the day I asked... A glow filled Avenue appeared in Wanjie, which was greatly engraved with the word "cheat" she cheated into the way the Terran said that her heart was black and her hands were hot, and she had countless people Ning Yao looks wronged later... The biography of the female emperor of the world wrote that when Ning Yao stepped into the Holy Land Taixu sect, the sect was doomed to be restless... she grew up in peace and rose from blood and fire, and was the first person to prove Taoism by killing she is a big liar and an executioner; But she is also the first sequence, Tianjiao Taoism, and even... The female emperor of the world QQ group: 816335625 welcome babies to play ~ PS: due to academic reasons, it has not been updated stably in the past year. For specific reasons, see QQ reading comments area. Thank you for your support~

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