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Take the food system to the original

Take the food system to the original

Take the food system to the original

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    Take the food system to the original
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    Er Gouzi ha
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    Bestair novel
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2023-03-16 22:45:16
Linlimu is a college student in the 21st century. She didn't expect that she just went to the supermarket to buy next year's goods. The next second she appeared in the primitive forest and inexplicably bound to the food system. She obtained gold coins by constantly unlocking new food and new recipes, exchanged living materials in the system and survived in the primitive tribe she just wanted to fill her stomach, but accidentally, her food captured many primitive residents...... 01 stingy system 7k7k: don't 999, don't 998, just 88. The price is fair, and children and old people are not deceived Lin Limu: what happened when you killed my 10 gold coins storage bag 7k7k: dare not say anything. JPG 02 "Liyu! Wenjing picked up a beautiful little female! Your man is going to be robbed!" "what? Someone threatened my beauty status?" Liyu sent a lot of fruit to the little female before a cup of tea the crowd was shocked: "why do you send fruit to your rival?" Li Yu scratched his head: "she is so beautiful. I was happy when I looked at her. I couldn't control myself and wanted to give her all the good things." crowd: speechless. Jpg