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Chinese accompanying reading

Chinese accompanying reading

Chinese accompanying reading

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    Chinese accompanying reading
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    Five leaf golden heart
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2022-08-06 02:00:57
(stable update) internal "fight" students, external "fight" parents! The most difficult thing is to watch the love of your goddess and good brothers! Goofy, the "broom star", is destined to be abused into a dog by Hu Huanhuan, the "Hedong lion" the book describes in detail that several urban teenagers with funny natures were admitted to the second "provincial key high school" in the city in remote towns and met all kinds of students from all directions. Spent three years of high school life with deep memory through the humorous and funny plot, this paper expounds the contradictions between them and their classmates at school, as well as the story of fighting wits and courage with teachers and parents at the same time, it also describes the interesting stories that parents of accompanying students sometimes seem to agree with each other and sometimes encourage each other.

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