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Secret love without understanding love

Secret love without understanding love

Secret love without understanding love

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    Secret love without understanding love
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    Kiki Xiaoxian
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    Passion Novel
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2023-04-01 04:29:35
Young in a hurry, I have reached such an age unconsciously. Many memories are swallowed up by the triviality of life. What is the original appearance of things? On the road of the establishment and growth of the three outlooks, perhaps there is no right or wrong of who is right and who is wrong. It is just a part of our life. It has indeed gone through, has indeed passed, and can not be changed. Perhaps in retrospect, it is still difficult to accept ourselves who have done so many embarrassing things, but we also begin to release ourselves gradually, because we can't judge ourselves in our childhood in the current way. Recalling the school days that have gone farther and farther away, there is no grandeur like TV dramas or dog blood like romance novels. We are just Zhang Sanli and Si in a small place. Although that time is ordinary, it is still beautiful to recall. When we grow up, we are gradually dominated by social fear. It is difficult for new friends to make friends with heart, let alone love someone. Marriage is like being sentenced to life imprisonment. It seems that there is hope to get rid of being single, but it is so far away. We like a person's mood seems to have been used up as early as the campus period, although we didn't have an accurate definition of love at that time. What is love? Why do you like it? Why do you want to break up? Our love seems to start with a secret love that never understands love!

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