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Rebirth: back to 1987 to be a rich woman

Rebirth: back to 1987 to be a rich woman

Rebirth: back to 1987 to be a rich woman

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    Rebirth: back to 1987 to be a rich woman
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    Still wave Ran Ran Ran
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    Beauty Read
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2022-08-02 13:06:44
In the 21st century, Bai Fumei and Wen Lan once crossed the remote mountain village where birds didn't shit in the 1980s and became a fertile circle at the beginning, she was forced to divorce by scum men and cheap women. Wen Lan looked at the weak chicken man in front of her and disdained to smile. This kind of defective product should not be given to my mother! Divorce or something, leave quickly. I'm afraid you'll regret being late as a result, Wen Lan almost hung up after the divorce skin care becomes white, money becomes rich, weight loss becomes beautiful, Wen Lan changes, and the proper white beauty is back looking at the little rich woman with apricot eyes, peach cheeks, nose and lips, people who used to despise Wen Lan couldn't wait to smoke their big mouths. The matchmakers almost broke the threshold. Even the scum man regretted his green intestines and licked the dog's face to get back together... Wen Lan: "grid ~ house ~ en ~" scum man: "?" a mysterious man hugged Wen Lan, Thin lips gently opened: "my wife told you to go away..." Wen Lan: who are you mysterious man: the man in the same household register with you in the future

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