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Lord Huo picked up a real princess

Lord Huo picked up a real princess

Lord Huo picked up a real princess

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    Lord Huo picked up a real princess
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    Warm the South
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    52weixin Books
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2022-09-22 22:35:20
(the whole book is free) [weak and sick little princess x cruel and disgusting real boss] Huo Yin is suspicious and cruel. He has compassion for people for the first time in his life and picked up a little girl to go home the little girl, wearing an ancient skirt and carrying an ancient piano, timidly pulled his shoelace in the ice and snow, and her voice was wronged "why did the general ignore wanwan?" * on the first day of school, wanwan grabbed Huo Yin's clothes and was extremely attached like coaxing a child, Huo Yin patted her on the head: "be obedient. " on the nth day of school, wanwan packed her schoolbag and walked into the campus happily. Huo Yin grabbed her schoolbag belt and was a little fierce. wanwan was not afraid of him and smiled two small pear vortices:" goodbye, Huo Yin. " * the Huo family leader was ruthless and determined to kill trees. however, the man who did not change his face in the heavy snow in Jingshan mountain was red: "wanwan, come here." the little girl ran over and wiped the corners of her eyes for him: "Huo Yin, why are you crying? Is it too cold?" He trembled and held people in his arms and imprisoned them to death. no one knew that in March when she was away, he was crazy day and night and had nightmares. "if you don't come back, I will really die." 1. The male Lord won't speak in the early stage, and he will be fine in the later stage. 2. Gaojie sweet pet

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