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I raised the villain

I raised the villain

I raised the villain

Rating: 9 / 10 from 710 ratings
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    I raised the villain
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    Rain falls and remembers dreams
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    Sky Book
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2022-08-04 13:45:34
Liu Piao doesn't understand she is a system role, and the tasks to be completed are released by the system when the villain was eight months old, he was abandoned by his biological mother. According to the system task, she used to hold him when the villain was five years old, she was thrown to her grandfather by her biological father. She followed the system task: she used to tell him that he was the best baby when the villain was ten years old, her father wanted to take the tenth aunt. Drove him and grandpa out of the house. She followed the system task: hold him in the past and tell him that Liu Piao Piao will be his best friend in his life and will never leave him depend on finally the boss is an adult. Betrayed and abandoned by the woman you love most Liu Piao looked at the system task: tell him that even if he is disabled, he has become a vegetable. You don't dislike it. You want to be with him I'll go. This is the Virgin Mary five years later, the villain male Lord became a generation of heroes and dominated the party. People who have money, power and dignity, shake their feet all over the world Liu Piao retired with success and finally had a good rest but what's the matter with the demon sleeping beside the bed Liu Piao wails: system Jun, system Jun system Jun smiles insidiously: congratulations to Liu Piao, this is your mysterious award.

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