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I opened a school in ancient times

I opened a school in ancient times

I opened a school in ancient times

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    I opened a school in ancient times
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    Snow is like the original heart
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    Lava Novel
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2023-03-17 23:23:41
Yunqianmo, who lives again, didn't expect that he would start his old business. Now that he has done it, he will make some achievements today, there are three wonders: first, a boy in a remote area taught him the number one scholar, the second in the list, the flower exploration, and the first one is round Second, the child student also solicited sponsorship everywhere. He was full of copper smell. It was humiliating Third, is this boy a girl? The whole world is in an uproar! Some people say that the crime of deceiving the monarch should be punished by the nine tribes... ... my introduction is incompetent. Please give me more support yunqianmo, who has salted fish for half a lifetime, actually has a dream in his heart, that is to dominate the educational world and let some people see our ability, but the ideal is plump and the reality is skinny... He just didn't expect that this ideal was realized in another way, which yunqianmo never thought of.

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