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It s all romantic

It s all romantic

It s all romantic

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    It s all romantic
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    Xiamu tree
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    Canela books
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2023-05-18 09:56:31
Everyone says that Phoenix's nature is hard to change. Generations of the great emperor have become romantic. It's just that this generation of the great emperor of Phoenix is as cold as ice. He doesn't know that he is afraid of what once happened again Princess Baidi was dignified and elegant and spread all over the world, but she didn't want to get into trouble because she was the youngest and unreasonable. She liked to get into trouble everywhere. Unexpectedly, she really got into trouble a young God King with a reputation of being romantic but not romantic, a little goddess who is dignified but loves to make trouble in their relationship, he restrained, forbeared and struggled... She was warm, brave and decisive