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A poor woman becomes rich

A poor woman becomes rich

A poor woman becomes rich

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    A poor woman becomes rich
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    Gu Changning
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    Wine Novel
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2023-03-16 09:20:46
Gu Changge is a famous dandy and beautiful woman in the 21st century because the top medical technology has been handed down from generation to generation because love finance has first-hand business knowledge because I love to eat and have excellent cooking skills suddenly and inexplicably cross into a different world "people don't spit out bones here. Famous nobles regard human life as grass mustard!" GU Changge raised his eyebrows, "I don't care. I can earn money!" "martial arts are respected here. I can't live long without the power to bind chickens!" GU Changge sneered: "so what? They have to ask me for medical treatment. I wish I could live a long life!" "what do you care!?" Gu Changge: "earn money! Eat delicious food! Be a dandy!" I want this capital to be disturbed by me, only I can be at ease in short, it is a self-made woman who has passed through the rich life in a different world

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