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Madam is a little cruel

Madam is a little cruel

Madam is a little cruel

Rating: 9 / 10 from 19758 ratings
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    Madam is a little cruel
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    Simon will go
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    Ethical Novel
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2023-03-15 15:07:08
The dawn of dawn, has it arrived as scheduled I am in endless darkness, meet you, this is the first time I see light JIANG Jiusheng: he was adopted by the Jiang family at the age of two because her light blue clothes were hand stitched with the word "Jiusheng", she was named Jiang hence the name: Jiang Jiusheng * * a little girl fled the rental house alone at the age of three, ran in the endless night, and finally squatted in a dark corner alone on the tender and fair skin, there are irregular Cyans and purples * * it is reported that Miss Jiang has a hot temper and strong jealousy. She wants to frame her sister. Gossiping is routine do not love learning, poor grades, third rate schools have become extravagant expectations "if you have one tenth of your sister's, I will burn high incense." * * "you are the most talented pharmacist I have ever seen and the best." he smiled, his hands behind his back, and his palms were sweating "I..." was silent I love you "I'm sorry for you." she couldn't help crying. Her eyes were scarlet and looked at the man falling in her arms. Her knuckles had turned white "you have nothing to be sorry for me. I paid off your kindness to me." she took up her sleeves, knelt on the ground and dragged the fainted little boy onto her back. When he stood up, blood ran down his wrist she didn't look back. "Later, if you see me, kill me." her tone was firm. Her legs trembled as she walked hard

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