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Yuluo Chang an

Yuluo Chang an

Yuluo Chang an

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    Yuluo Chang an
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    Qi Jinyan
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    Vchale Novel
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2022-01-25 07:27:46
This is a story about the daughter of a captive and the overbearing commander, the loyal dog Lord the great reputation of the dynasty has been full of ups and downs. Shen Gu, the patrol inspection department of the Ministry of war, was falsely accused by the eunuch Party of embezzling 170000 silver in military funds. After his native place had no family property, he was killed without the joint trial of the third Department. All the people were implicated and broke down, and the remaining young dragon and Phoenix fetuses were exiled. Daughter Shen Nanyu wants to find out the truth, plead for her father's grievances and find her brother. In the face of difficulties and dangers, she disguised as a man and met Yan peiye, the second son of the king of Zhenxi, as a slave. She knew and fell in love with each other, and walked through the path of conspiracy with the tip of the knife... In short, this is a history of slave revenge