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Starting from Hongmeng

Starting from Hongmeng

Starting from Hongmeng

Rating: 9 / 10 from 3666 ratings
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    Starting from Hongmeng
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    Chicken with Scallion
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    Free Novel!
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Hongmeng was founded at the beginning, everything was not born, and the road was not completed. In the position closest to the edge. Suddenly, Hongmeng's Qi became chaotic, and a space-time crack appeared without warning. After a soul flew out of the crack, Hongmeng gradually recovered his peace I don't know how long it took to open my eyes slowly. "? am I not dead? Where is this?" Ye Fei was full of doubts, touched his head, and then lost his color! Ye Fei couldn't touch himself. "What's the matter with me?!" Ye Fei looked at his body in panic and felt his hands on his body. "Am I dead?" Ye Fei recalled that he lost consciousness when he stabbed himself for no reason on his way home from work

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