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Imperial City first Jiao

Imperial City first Jiao

Imperial City first Jiao

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    Imperial City first Jiao
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    Feng Qing
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    Cool Novel
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2023-06-04 04:18:59
Also known as "imperial capital scum man's illustrated book", "powerful women's Manual of Anlan academy" and "I demolished CP in ancient times" LAN Meng passed through Cheng Dasheng and decided to be a happy salted fish in this life. Luo Junyao, the daughter of the national general, devoted herself to the country in previous lives although her original eyes are not good-looking and she has fallen in love with a scum, as long as she puts aside the scum man, the two girls of the Luo family are still the hardest and coolest cubs in the backer of Shangyong imperial city however... the true daughter of Liu Shang's calligrapher who was held wrong came back, and the war between true and false daughter was imminent LUO Junyao was shocked: so this is a true or false qianjinwen Hou Yueyang brought back a small white flower and a pair of children from the border. Madam Yueyang was tragically married LUO Junyao: is this the upgraded version of Ge Ge in a certain month Miss Su's fiance, who escaped marriage, came back to ask for forgiveness LUO Junyao: is this the crematorium where you want to chase your wife the eldest princess's son-in-law cheated in marriage, but the object was a scum wife LUO Junyao: This is a photo album from the garbage the husband of the married eldest sister steals the outer room during pregnancy and looks like the eldest sister Luo Jun shakes his anger: the double stem is the most disgusting! Shit, sisters, come with me LUO Junyao - our goal is: scum men will die The Empress Dowager has a purpose: women should follow three rules and four virtues and abide by rules and regulations LUO Junyao: what Regent: it's easy. The Empress Dowager can be Hong LUO Junyao: big man! Please hold your thighs Regent: hold it, say... What do you think is the story between us LUO Junyao: maybe... I became my mother's concubine for my predecessor viewing Guide: 1. The age difference between men and women is 14 years old. Don't mind reading it. 2. Male Lord and slag man are not biological father and son.

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