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My mother wants to live in the cold palace

My mother wants to live in the cold palace

My mother wants to live in the cold palace

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    My mother wants to live in the cold palace
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    Peach mulberry Zhewu
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    People Books
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2022-08-10 09:25:04
Hua Xin thought that God must have missed her. Where did anyone choke on drinking water? I'm sorry, she happened to be the one I thought life was over somehow I met her ancestors with a wave of her little hand and a hammer, she went to ancient times I thought she could get along in ancient times well, it's really hot however, disaster comes from heaven she's in the palace there is absolutely no more unlucky concubine than her in the world, because a mosquito was beaten into the cold palace it doesn't matter. Isn't it a cold palace She, Huachi, oh, no, Huaxin, no, it's Huaying. If you want to circle the palace and sprout, who can stop her making money is just an ordinary idea, which is not uncommon at all the emperor is just a bad guy who steals money. What's the big deal small theater: "emperor, the empress of the cold palace made 5000 Liang selling Rouge yesterday!" the spy around reported "well, the National Treasury is empty recently. Since my mother has made money, she has to pay taxes! Drive, let's collect taxes!" Spy: "..., your silver is flying again.

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