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Salted fish, she just wants to win

Salted fish, she just wants to win

Salted fish, she just wants to win

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    Salted fish, she just wants to win
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    Spring breeze is shallow
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    Hotel novel
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2022-08-04 05:38:55
Qingluo was the karma of the underworld in the famine. After the red lotus cultivated its wisdom and turned into a human form, it was entrusted by the heaven to burn the filth of the world after working hard for tens of thousands of years, she was almost finished, but she was killed by her sister who was raised by herself unexpectedly, as soon as I opened my eyes, alas, I was saved by the way of heaven the price is to help Tiandao repair the rules of the small world every small world will be dressed as a supporting role, either to save men and women or to save the world she said she wanted to go on strike fortunately, she can always find a cub in the apocalyptic plot, Xiaozi helps her save the world in the game world, cubs help her abuse men and women in the world of terror, Xiaozi becomes a big boss and other people's horror games become her resort pick up a cub at the beginning. The task depends on fooling around clear and comfortable in front of happy salted fish until the end of the mission, Xiaozi suddenly became a handsome man. Qingluo was pressed against the corner of the wall. The man had deep eyes and a dangerous tone: "you treat me as a son?" [salted fish attribute boss and mistress × [good boy]

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