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Hibiscus has regrets

Hibiscus has regrets

Hibiscus has regrets

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    Hibiscus has regrets
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    Romantic blue
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    18ws Read
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2022-08-03 13:02:40
I am a woman who escaped from death and have met all kinds of men. I just didn't expect that when I looked at the whole Imperial City, I would be etched by a man who didn't know the details. only that night, I got pregnant and the child had to stay under the hibiscus tree, they meet face to face and wander around when the grass grows and the warbler flies in the future, could you please not return it? when I first saw him in the sun, he was dressed in a light blue and purple gauze robe, with Zhilan Yushu powder and spring. he bowed to me and broke all my beautiful imagination. I repressed the deep emotion in my eyes and bowed back in tears, "general, how polite." it is another year when Hibiscus trees bloom. when a hundred thousand troops came to the city, he asked me, "do you regret meeting me?" I looked directly at his naturally affectionate eyes and said, "I'm lucky to be separated from you today. I don't regret it." ten years later, before the clothes grave. after reading the letter he left me, I cried bitterly, "your love is as deep as the sea, and hibiscus regrets!"

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