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Peerless Banshee Fairy

Peerless Banshee Fairy

Peerless Banshee Fairy

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    Peerless Banshee Fairy
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    Sweet pudding
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    Lava Novel
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2022-12-21 07:17:12
Ning Shang's body is a small flower demon with seven mile fragrance. He wakes up in the foreign world, and then slowly finds out his life experience. Unexpectedly, he is the child born by Ye Qingling fairy in the flower world and Su Hengzhe in the divine world the flower world is an extremely insignificant one among the ten thousand worlds of the heavens. Fairy Ye Qingling is also a tiny little flower fairy. However, the Supreme Master is the most superior leader of the ancient world in the ten thousand worlds. He is extremely powerful and has achieved unparalleled accomplishments. However, in a conspiracy by hostile forces, he was seriously injured and fell into the lower flower world. By coincidence, he had a relationship with the flower fairy Ye Qingling, Finally, shangzun regained his memory and returned to his own world. However, ye Qingling involuntarily fell in love with Su Hengzhe, so he was dejected and his cultivation retreated. And unfortunately, she was pregnant with Su Hengzhe's child. But Su Hengzhe is a supreme master, ruthless and lustless. He doesn't mean anything to Ye Qingling. He just regards it as a dew marriage Su Hengzhe ignored Ye Qingling's confession and brushed his sleeve away. Ye Qingling is even more dejected and melancholy in the end, she was cheated by one of her false girlfriends and lost the true spirit of flowers. She almost died. With her best efforts, she gave birth to the child and sent it away but at that time, the child had been irreversibly damaged. In fact, he would not live long. At this time, the soul of another world, Ning Shang, by chance, crossed the flower world and became Ye Qingling's child once you cross, you can see how Ning Shang builds the road, abuse the slag father, collect beautiful men, and be proud of the immortal world!

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