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Thin cutting heart

Thin cutting heart

Thin cutting heart

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    Thin cutting heart
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    Ancient rose
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    Mp3 Books
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2022-06-27 09:36:22
She is an ordinary person, with the memory of her previous life, to continue the story of this life at that time, she could love boldly and hate fiercely, and the ending was still not satisfactory. Now, she has to be careful to hide what is inconsistent with the world. She can't even hate, at least she can't tear it out the fate of the country, social stability, new and old hatred, and the outcome of friends are joy or sorrow; Relatives may not know each other. Some things are unfair, just like the lives of civilians and supreme rights I'm very confused. Fate can't escape even if it flies away from the galaxy. She wants to change herself. She wants to know whether the road under her feet belongs to herself. If some things are destined to be unchangeable, carry them on well; Some stories may not be their own, but they can also live their own glory she always said: "history will not change because of my arrival. The universe is so big. I bet I didn't fly out of the solar system." slowly, she realized that her mother was the biggest winner and the wonder of the world. Can sum up such a sentence -- many people love her, her appearance, smile and her words "the world is as big as anything, and the vast universe is as ethereal as sand"

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