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He hit me in the heart

He hit me in the heart

He hit me in the heart

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    He hit me in the heart
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    Woske Novel
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2023-03-16 01:42:46
[programmer x tattoo division] [planned for a long time, X fell step by step] - Campus - Shen Zhou is the school grass of Hangda. He is young and promising, which is more effective than the enrollment rules cherry is the legendary face in the University City. It is bright and arrogant, which makes people want it the love between two people is well known, which is enviable but regrettable - City - technology upstart Shen Zhou is out of circle because of the ring on the ring finger of his left hand your circle is boiling. Everyone is guessing which daughter it is virtually, cherry, as an ex girlfriend, was noisy: she abandoned Shen Zhou unknowingly< Br> until one day - blogger, daily attendance at the World Studios, met with Shen Zhou in the restaurant, and the live room immediately got the heat. Br > SHEN ZHOU wore short sleeves that day and exposed his arm. The tattoo on his arm coincided with the face of the woman opposite some fans recognized the woman opposite Shen Zhou with sharp eyes, that is, Shen Zhou's ex girlfriend cherry, who was sighed by the whole network # God's ex girlfriend, that's his wife# # I didn't expect that the glass residue I ate turned into sugar again#

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