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Gu Zhiyu

Gu Zhiyu

Gu Zhiyu

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    Gu Zhiyu
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    History ice
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    Air books
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2023-03-15 12:45:24
Cheng Yu, who has just graduated from medicine, met Zhu Qingyun, who likes watching the rain, in the rain. Then they began a fairy tale romantic love and got married quickly after marriage, Cheng Yu had an unintentional affair because of the troubles between his mother and his lover, the pressure of children's growth, and the increasingly plain life between husband and wife from then on, Cheng Yu couldn't help wandering on the balance of love. When Qingyun, who was suffering from autism since childhood, knew his husband's betrayal, his condition became more and more serious without everyone's awareness, and finally became a "madman" in the eyes of others the distressed Cheng Yu gave up his bright future in the city and took his beloved wife to live in seclusion in the countryside. He hoped that the quiet rural life and beautiful natural scenery in the countryside could make his wife recover from her illness Zhang Wenhao, who loved Zhu Qingyun since childhood, has been shuttling back and forth between urban and rural areas what will be the fate of Qingyun and Cheng Yu in the beautiful countryside? Where should love, friendship and family go?

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