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Copy boss wants to marry me

Copy boss wants to marry me

Copy boss wants to marry me

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    Copy boss wants to marry me
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    Sound and call
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    Famized book
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2022-09-25 17:48:41
Qi Qi is an ordinary worker who works for the LORD God. As a game copy designer, Qi Qi is responsible and does it himself, only to bring a great experience of life and death per hour to players who come to break through. However, when she inspected the next copy, she seemed to be regarded as a big man by the player. Qiqi: I'm not. I'm just a worker! Boss of a final copy: she is not, I am one day, a player finally came to the final copy he opened the door and was about to meet the final challenge. Then he saw the task panel: let Qiqi marry sugu player:... Who? Who and who? Knot what? What marriage passing Qi Qi: ah, the task has long been completed. I forgot to withdraw. Let you pass player: say a lot to people you like. Schrodinger's force value is hidden. S designer vs person is cruel. Few people are more cruel than Mahua. They pinch chicken and break cat. Character is hidden. M copy boss [house stacked with corpses] [Abstract explosion] [absolutely gorgeous color world] [silence of ewe] [Shh! Quiet] the order and quantity of the above copies are uncertain

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