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Mrs. Quan Chen is not easy to mess with

Mrs. Quan Chen is not easy to mess with

Mrs. Quan Chen is not easy to mess with

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    Mrs. Quan Chen is not easy to mess with
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    Gorgeous orchid Butterfly
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    365 Books
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2023-03-17 16:19:18
[this is the story of a vicious male Lord who tried his best to deceive the female Lord for the right behind her!] SHEN Luhua, who was reborn, finally understood that the Empress Dowager had spoiled her in the last life and did not really love her. She was a tool in the hands of the Empress Dowager waiting for the Shen family in Pingchang, a family of famous Qi generals, began to decline after Shen Luhua's grandfather died and turned against his ten adopted sons the enemy of an enemy can be a friend. In this life, in order to get rid of the Empress Dowager's manipulation, Shen Luhua decided to marry Song Ming, the commander of the royal guards, the Empress Dowager's enemy. She used her previous life's prediction to help Song Ming reach the peak of power as soon as possible, so as to help her eradicate her enemy * after the disaster, only two grandparents and grandchildren remained in the Song family. Therefore, Song Ming is very respectful and obedient to his grandmother. He just hopes that everything will go well in her lifetime, so he plans to follow her grandmother's wishes and marry the two girls of the Shen family it is well known that the Shen family and the ten tiger generals of the frontier fortress turned against each other 20 years ago. But many people still think that it was just the Shen family who made great achievements and deliberately did it in order to avoid the edge a trial carefully planned by the Empress Dowager asked Song Ming to see the truth. He was ambitious and changed his plan

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