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Guangxia has you

Guangxia has you

Guangxia has you

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    Guangxia has you
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    Hello every day
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    Apple novel
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2022-03-11 18:29:34
Guangxia felt that all the best words in the world were not enough to describe the most important person in her life, the one who gave birth to her and raised her as an adult; The one who failed to give them the best in the world, but gave them her world; The person who, like the sun, warms the whole world in summer; The one who will always be there no matter where Guangxia goes; The one who taught Guangxia to be a kind and warm person; No matter how long it takes, no matter where the light goes in summer, he will always be grateful; On the way to growth, because of her, Guangxia has also become a kind and loving person who knows how to be grateful and love to help others. What I want to say to you most is not to thank you, but to have you, Guangxia has you!