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Madam, her vest has caused a sensation in the city again

Madam, her vest has caused a sensation in the city again

Madam, her vest has caused a sensation in the city again

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    Madam, her vest has caused a sensation in the city again
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    Brother Ling
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    Long Novel
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Qiao Nian lived in the Qiao family for 18 years. His biological parents came to the door. For a while, the rich and powerful around the city knew that the Qiao family had a fake daughter you are so versatile, gentle and kind a fake daughter can accomplish nothing without learning and skill everyone wants to see how miserable it is for her to go back to the valley after she was driven out of the rich family Qiao Nian also thought that his biological parents came from Luohe county and were poor teachers who knows that my brother's car is Phaeton, with 3 million naked cars my father teaches at Qingda. The teacher also has another name, Professor the top leaders of the slag family kneel and lick and bow to her grandfather... Qiao Nian: enmm... This is different from what was agreed separated from a group of scum, Joe thought she was herself the top student in the college entrance examination, the live broadcast leader, the inheritor of Intangible Cultural Heritage... The waistcoats fell off one by one, and the hot search around the city one by one. The faces of slag men and slag women's parents turned green black fans are mocking: what's the use of selling people? They don't paste my brother upside down every day Qiao Nian: sorry, I have an object top class brother: @ Qiao Nian, let me introduce you to my sister rich grandpa: Nannan, what do you work so hard for? What bike do you want? Grandpa will buy it for you... all the dignitaries in Beijing are saying that Lord Wang has a wife hidden in the golden house. No matter how others make fun of him, he is never willing to bring it out to see others. Don't ask, the question is the sentence: "my wife is from the countryside and is afraid of strangers." until one day, someone saw the arrogant Lord, who has always been noble, high and cold, pinching a girl's thin waist and blocking people in the corner of the wall, with red eyes: "baby, when will you give me a place?" [fake daughter, she is a real rich family] + [double big men]