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Little green plum, the sweetness is just right

Little green plum, the sweetness is just right

Little green plum, the sweetness is just right

Rating: 9 / 10 from 6008 ratings
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    Little green plum, the sweetness is just right
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    Sleeping cat demon
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    The One Book
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[soft and cute on the surface, but actually annoying and tireless] vs [cold on the surface, but actually Su Chong's proud and charming bamboo horse] [1v1, childhood sweetheart, no abuse, women chasing men] Ji Yi'an has never spared no effort in chasing Shu Junyan one night, she rarely sent pictures of the paintings he made in her palm to her circle of friends, and added a simple sentence: "that's what he gave me (love)" and set it up very deliberately, only Shu Junyan can't see it then the same picture is added with another sentence: "thank you for the cake sent by my brother. I like it! (sweet smile and heart)" is set to be visible only to Shu Junyan that night, the circle of friends exploded the next day, the circle of friends overturned Shu Junyan asked, "I heard you set up a circle of friends to be visible in groups?" Ji Yian, who didn't want to pretend to be good, went back and said, "I want you to take care of it!" "OK, I'll take care of you!" Shu Junyan looked spoiled in fact, Shu Junyan knew much better and earlier than Ji Yian about loving Ji Yian she will never know. He has been silently waiting for her to grow up until one day, she confessed to him until she woke up, she forgot that he promised her so she didn't know that her brother, who had been chasing so hard, had already been her

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