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What if she is too lazy

What if she is too lazy

What if she is too lazy

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    What if she is too lazy
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    Lazy fish
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The system is naive. It thinks that the host selected by the main system will do its best and work diligently like a gyroscope that will never stop. Who ever thought that this host should make the advanced daily life of upgrading strange out of the feeling of leisure and elderly care What if the host is too Buddhist? Wait online, hurry the system is cold [host, don't you want to be reborn and return to the original beautiful world?] Bai Xiaoxia lies back on the recliner, crosses her legs, drinks high-quality black tea, picks up exquisite and delicious snacks at the table, and lightly says: what is there to miss about that kind of distressed life, Now look at the gold spitting flowers in the courtyard every day. Do they spit out gold coins killing dragons? Save the world? You don't have to! Does this kind of dirty work make it difficult for the young and brave group to do it she just wants to plant fields, collect rent and live a peaceful and ordinary life every day.

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