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I blame Aiqing for spoiling me

I blame Aiqing for spoiling me

I blame Aiqing for spoiling me

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    I blame Aiqing for spoiling me
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    Grumpy antelope
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    Happy Read
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2023-03-15 21:08:12
He made private visits to corrupt officials and went deep into danger to save the people Zhao Chengxi, the emperor, was very busy. Officials were also eager to choose concubines for the little emperor and carry on the family line she could have embraced her left and right and enjoyed the pleasures of the world, but Zhao Chengxi was in trouble... she is a woman! She doesn't have that function you can't choose a woman. She can choose a man Zhao Chengxi took a fancy to Qin Chongzhou, a loyal and famous God of war protector however, the empress protector is too busy attracting bees and butterflies. Someone always wants to pry her corner... small theater 1: Zhao Chengxi: "I'll marry Qin Chongzhou tomorrow." "can you be a little reserved of the girl's family?" "I'm your majesty. I'm lucky. Why should I be reserved?" Zhao Chengxi took it for granted. "If you want to be reserved, let Qin Chongzhou be reserved." "It's a high sounding statement. I think you've been lustful for a long time." small theater 2: "I, Zhao Chengxi, swear in front of all the officers and men that I'm committed to Qin Chongzhou, the protector of the country, and I will never change my heart!" Zhao Chengxi: wait, why am I always confessing? Qin Chongzhou: because I love you in my heart, it's hard to open my mouth. Zhao Chengxi:... the ancient spirit and strange little emperor Zhao Chengxi x loyal dog war god protector Qin Chongzhou

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