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Existing flowers and leaves

Existing flowers and leaves

Existing flowers and leaves

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    Existing flowers and leaves
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    Forest grass
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2023-03-18 12:13:54
Hua Luo is a transfer student from an ordinary high school to a municipal key high school through the joint examination test. Although the admission fee is free, Hua Luo still needs to rely on the school scholarship to support the more expensive accommodation and living expenses for her. She had planned to work hard for the remaining two years of high school career, but she had many contradictions with her classmates because of the disharmony of the class atmosphere in the middle and high school Hua Luo, a newcomer, won the top position of Ye Siyang in the joint examination, which made him reluctant to remember her name. When they didn't know each other at the beginning of school, they also accidentally had some contradictions and collisions, and ended up with grievances. However, under the intentional or unintentional entanglement, the intersection of their stories is slowly unfolding on the paper

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